GPS vehicle monitoring system

The dynamic evolution of technologies creates the new conditions for existence and development of the companies. Modern solutions allow to solve global tasks of economy and optimization of commercial assets at minimal costs in a short time. Benish GPS offers unique solutions for commercial fleet management based on GPS innovations.

High-technology GPS monitoring guarantees you and your business relevant information of the car directions, its current location and condition.

GPS monitoring of is a complex solution focused on increasing of business profitability while minimizing its costs. GPS system equipment does not require any additional human resources or controlling by the contracting authority.

Advantages of GPS vehicle monitoring system implementation:

  • Profit increasing by saving costs of fleet exploitation
  • Security. After implementing a GPS monitoring and control system the car is under constant satellite supervision. Thus the owner can always determine the actual location of the vehicle in case of hijacking
  • Organization of work time. Implementation of GPS monitoring of commercial vehicle fleet allows managing the time and employees’ potential more efficient
  • Optimization of traffic route, preventing the unauthorized fuel costs
  • Around-the-clock support of GPS vehicle monitoring consumers
  • Intuitive, convenient interface of the GPS monitoring program
  • GPS control of the route compliance of the specified points and immediate notification if ignored
  • Possibility of adapting the system to the individual needs of the client
  • Possibility of testing of the vehicle control and monitoring system

Effective management of your vehicle fleet!

GPS monitoring and vehicle fleet managing is the tool for running the company focused on the development and profit. European practice of using the GPS vehicle monitoring and control system proves the effectiveness of this method of business process optimization.

Costs for tracker implementation and activation of the GPS vehicle monitoring system are regained within several months.

The uniqueness of the Benish GPS satellite monitoring:

  • Focus on partner and mutually beneficial relations with a client
  • Financial stability of the organization allows to realize the complex projects that require significant investment
  • Strong collaborative relationship with the State Traffic Control Department
  • Customized approach. Benish GPS develops and markets unique and innovative GPS – solutions taking into account the specifics of the customers
  • The equipment is produced in the countries of European Union and Israel
  • The equipment is certified in accordance with international law and meets the highest quality requirements.